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Formaldemeter™ htV-M with WiFi

The Formaldemeter htV-m instrument can now be configured with a built in wifi module.

The module fits inside the battery bay of the instrument and allows you to connect to the Formaldemeter htV-m over your network using the included 'Formaldemeter htV-m download software'. By connecting to an existing WiFi network, the Formaldeter htV-m could potentially be accessed from any location on the globe through the internet.

The module is capable of connecting to either an existing IEEE802.11b/g/n network or hosting it's own network with numerous types of security and encryption (WEP128, WPA-PSK, TKIP, AES etc) and is configured with an easy to use web page hosted on the module itself.












WiFi Module


  • Supports IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standards
  • 2.412GHz-2.484GHz
  • FCC/CE Certified
  • WPS Function Support
  • WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/AES Encryption




  • Formaldemeter htV-m



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