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The PPM Technology interface board (ifB) comes complete with a built in Formaldemeter unit which is designed to connect to third party systems. The interface board can be configured to give different voltage outputs; a 4–20mA current output and also give a relay alarm output. Various modes of operation are available to suit a whole array of uses, applications and situations.

There is a configuration menu available to allow the user to choose output type, operation mode, select output tests, sampling range and also calibrate the Formaldemeter. The menu also allows for the incorporated voltage-less relay to be triggered at various concentrations so that external equipment can be controlled.

Typical Uses:

  • Simple integration into exisiting sensor networks
  • PLC control systems
  • Stand–alone area monitoring
  • Cleanrooms; Packing rooms & Workshops
  • Single-point remote monitoring



The PPM Technology interface board (ifB) comes complete with a Formaldemeter htV, and is fully calibrated and ready to use. Simply connect your external outputs up to the ifB and switch on.




LCD display
Formaldehyde Readings

The PPM Technology ifB unit provides a visual display output of current formaldehyde levels within the room.






Readings from the internal Formaldemeter unit are displayed on the screen, providing you with a quick and easy solution to monitoring air quality.







Modes of Operation


The ifB can be used in one of three sampling modes, depending on what best suits your needs. These are:

• Polled mode
In this mode samples are only taken when a valid pulse is detected on the sample input line. If the instrument has not cleared sufficiently to sample at this point then the sample will be delayed — as soon as the instrument is ready then a sample will be taken. This is ideal for use with PLC or other controller based systems as the sampling rate is controlled by the input lines and the current status is available as logic levels on the output lines.

• Continuous mode
This mode does not require any external trigger for sampling. Samples are taken as often as possible by the Formaldemeter. The sampling duration would be dependant on sample concentration (higher concentration samples will take longer to clear and will delay the next sample). This mode is easy to setup and is ideal for applications where no controller based systems are available and the sampling frequency can vary.

• Timed mode
This mode does not require an external trigger but unlike the previous continuous mode it uses an internal timer to trigger samples at a set frequency. This can be adjusted by the user between 1 and 60 minutes in increments of a single minute. However, the sampling frequency is not guaranteed as samples may be delayed if the Formaldmeter is not ready to sample at the designated time.




Instrument Specifications



Mains Powered 12v DC (Mains adaptor available), up to 30v DC possible on request
Input Concentration 0-30°C, 15-90%RH, 0–10ppm (1ppb resolution)
Selectable Input FSD 2.5ppm; 5ppm, 10ppm or 100ppm
Analogue Outputs 0–2.5v; 0–5v; 0-10v; or 4–20mA
Analogue Resolution 16–bits (65536 steps from zero to FSD)
Digital I/O

Sample, Data & Error

Alarm Relay Rated at 0.5A@125VAC/2A@30VDC
Advanced Features Simple administration menu to change settings; Analogue test patterns & calibration output cycle; Formaldmeter calibration routine; Backup of samples stored in non-volatile memory

**Please specify whether you would like the unit set up for high concentration measurements of Formaldehyde or not, and which analogue output range you require **


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