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  • EESW Big Bang Event Success

We are happy to announce that Ysgol Glan Clwyd have won again at this years EESW Big Bang Event held in Llandudno, North Wales.

    The win follows on from last years success at the Big Bang Event by another young team.   EESW Big Bang Event 2015
  • PPMonitor Touch Screen Unit -- Version 4 Upgrade.

A recently released upgrade for the PPMonitor Touchscreen Unit (TSU) represents a big step forward in the development of the multi-parameter, multi-function sampling device. Apart from the usual improvements to the stability, usability and user interface that one would expect from a major update like this, several new features have been added that extend the capability of the instrument even further. The most noticeable feature is the ability to dynamically pair the TSU with existing or new PPMonitor Wireless Units and collect data from these satellite units and are included in any alarm conditions that may exist as well. The user can add and remove satellite units at will and can view the collected data as normal or even export the data in various formats for later analysis. Another improvement that should be apparent to most users is that the speed at which data is save to a connected USB pen-drive is not much faster. Also, the TSU Name and Location can now be edited by the user and will be included in the export scripts for the PPMonitor Software Suite. The Unit Information box is now implemented so the user can access detailed information about the unit such as serial number, unique identification and so on. Finally, if the TSU is fitted with a GSM module, a new signal-strength indicator is now shown on the screen and a further two targets can be added to receive SMS alerts in the event of a sensor type triggering an alarm condition. Also, when a GSM module is fitted, information about the module is shown in the Unit Information box. Work has already started on the next upgrade, which will focus on networking, data management and further stability improvements, but it's not too late for users to suggest new features or comment on what they'd like to change by contacting the team on technical@ppm-technology.com.

  • PPM IAQ Profile Monitor Reports

Living in such a beautiful and rural part of Wales, the air quality is excellent, good for our health and ideal for checking the baseline of our instruments. However for testing purposes, pure clean air in an office environment does not test the true potential of our sensors. Different sampling environments where different toxic gases are produced periodically show how accurate and precise our gas sensors are, thus making varied graphs and therefore interesting reports. We are always on the lookout for different industries, where we could put our instruments to the test. We are very fortunate that we have good ties with an indoor go karting facility, where we are able to do exactly this. We recently placed a couple of PPM IAQ Profile Monitors at the indoor go karting facility for a one week period. We then produced a report showing the results. Both the owners of the facility and PPM Technology were surprised by how sensitive the sensors were in the fluctuations, especially in the CO levels. Please note the graph below that show these fluctuations:     The legal limits for Carbon Monoxid (CO) are as follows: 87PPM (100mg/mᶾ) 15 minutes, 30PPM (35mg/mᶾ) 1 hour average, 8.7PPM 8 hour average, 6 PPM 24 hours Standards set by World Health Organisation (WHO) The readings were taken during the week beginning on Tuesday the 4th of November. As you can see from the graph, there are concerning readings on the 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th, which need to be addressed: The legal limit has been considerably breached on these occasions. The go karting facility was closed on the 10th, hence no fluctuations in readings on this day. On the 11th the fluctuations were at their highest for the one week period, on this particular day the facility had a large party on the track accounting for the activity.The company is now acting on the findings from the report by increasing ventilation, and have decided to purchase an IAQ Profile Monitor to continue to monitor the health of the track. If you are interested in having the IAQ of your business investigated please contact Laura (laura@ppm-technology.com) or John (john@ppm-technology.com) for more information and pricing. You can find the full reports here on our website from January 2015.